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The Solar Angels

We are Burlington's first solar store. We are co-located with Battery Street Jeans at:
7 Marble Ave
Burlington, VT 05401

What we do:

The Solar Angels are offering photovoltaic system design, sales and service of photovoltaic grid tied or off the grid systems. We are currently testing and selling solar portable power devices to keep your electronics, iPod, cell phone, PDA, etc running when you can't get to a wall outlet.

We are currently offering free home site evaluations and estimates for solar installations throughout the state of Vermont.

Campus Rep Program:

We're not just here to look pretty, we want to start a revolution and we need your help. We're looking for Vermont college students who want to save the environment and make a couple bucks at the same time. We'll equip you with our gear so to get your friends and classmate hooked up with portable power and we'll pay you a commission to do it.

If you're interested in becoming a campus rep please contact me at:

Online Store:

We're offering a host of environmentally conscious solar powered and portable power products. Check it out here.

The Solar Angels Blog:

Check out our blog!
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The Solar Angels

7 Marble Ave

Burlington, VT